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My name is Siegbert Till and I’ll help you to solidify the progress you’ve already made in order to then work on your hopes and visions and to reach your life goals successfully and sustainably.

Thank you for taking interest in my book and my course. So that you can get to know me a little better, I’ll tell you a bit about myself and my life.

I grew up in a small village in southern Germany. I always knew that I didn’t want to spend all my life in one place, but until I was 21, that feeling slept dormant within me – travel fever.

My first flight was to Amsterdam and a while later, I flew all the way to Brazil. From then on, I was constantly travelling. After a few years, I wanted to find professional success, so I began my first set of studies.


Afterwards, I started the next course of study, which led me to Spain, where I stayed for several years. That’s where I had my wonderful daughter, Stefhanie, and we often travelled throughout the world together.

In the last few years, I lived in various places in Latin America. My two years in Brazil were an especially fascinating time.

After my daughter’s marriage, I sold my apartment in Spain and flew straight to Peru to concentrate on my next life project.

In this project, I dealt with our existence and the search for a successful and happy life on a significantly more intense level than ever before.

The search for oneself and the “why” behind it all is probably the hardest chapter of life. This was a question that had itched at me my entire life, and now, after so many adventures and experiences, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you.



Being truly happy is still a daily challenge for me because it’s not exactly in my nature – my German mentality certainly isn’t always helpful. Over time it’s been watered down a bit, as I’ve learned a lot from my Brazilian and Costa Rican friends. Despite their many challenges, people in those countries are generally happier. It’s said that we Germans simply worry too much. We worry about our past, present and future – and if we’d ever stop worrying, we worry about that! Germany is still one of the most prosperous nations, but unfortunately, Germans whine too much! The quality of life is markedly high and despite that, people aren’t generally very happy.

My pet peeve is still the less intelligent, or just ignorant people, as they treat their environment with the least respect. I’ve been spending the last few days in Lima, Peru, and those of you that know this city, know how loud it is. The taxi drivers wind their way through the streets, honking constantly, and they sure don’t stop at night! The bus drivers and most other drivers seem to be of the opinion that the horn should be used to announce their displeasure. This terrifying noise really is difficult to stand and certainly wears on one’s nerves. Every time one of those honking idiots drives by me, the thoughts that come to mind aren’t exactly nice. Each time, I have to reflect and breathe deeply and begin to be thankful that my trip will continue soon. It’s the same with every kind of church that bothers people with their acoustic terrors. Who gave them the right to torture people with clanging bells or loud cries and shouts? Noise is bad for one’s health!

Being and staying happy is indeed a daily challenge for me, but one that I take on gladly – there are no other alternatives.

I would like to help you on your search for yourself and your “why”. Have the courage to live and not just to exist. Life is fantastic and is simply composed of high points and low points. The secret is how you live and make the best of everything.

Believe me, it is never too late to begin a new adventure, and you have everything that you need within yourself. I will help you find it and use it.

Welcome to your happier and more successful life!

my life

I am glad to be able to support you on your path through life.

I want to encourage you and give you the inspiration to make your yet unfulfilled dreams and wishes slumbering within you come true.

I’m currently working on my next adventure, which I call “Around the World with 66 Kilograms”. I’m travelling through the world with 66 kilograms of luggage and visiting the most fascinating places I can to gather experiences and adventures.

My life is exciting and varied – each day is a new experience. I’ve gone through deep valleys and climbed tall mountains. I’ve made terrible mistakes but also experienced great happiness. Throughout all of my experiences, I’ve always been able to trust that everything has a purpose, even if I haven’t always been able to understand right away. I’ve fallen down, stood back up and continued onward with the courage, joy and faith that everything will turn out as I hope in the end.

I’ve founded many businesses that operate worldwide, and although some projects failed, others worked out all the better. Today I can live and work anywhere.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to travel the world and experience every moment in all its own unique way. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with my friends.

Welcome, my new friend!

I’ve studied life intensively for over 33 years and it just keeps getting more and more fascinating. In my years of experience as a coach and business consultant, I’ve been able to help many people overcome difficult situations and reach new horizons. I support people and firms in meeting the challenges of modern times head on and to make the most of their true potential.

In my consulting and coaching programmes I don’t just treat symptoms; I go straight to the causes so that we can analyse them and – in the end – apply fitting solutions.

One of my best talents is recognising the true strengths and potential in people and organisations. Sometimes just a bit of assistance is needed to activate them and make a breakthrough.

If you truly want to be happy and successful, you need a coach! I can help you plan your life better and enjoy it with success and happiness.

Let’s start the most exciting and fascinating journey of your life and find out together how you can enjoy the gift of life even more happily and successfully than ever!

Happiness is life’s true source of wealth and this is the way:

Be happy and enjoy every moment!

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